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ENRICHER hubs is a Ulysseus satellite project

People co-operating.

What is a Ulysseus satellite project?

Ulysseus European University, as part of European Universities Initiative, is one of the 50 European university alliances whose goal is to impact the future of European higher education (HE) and research. Ulysseus aims to raise the quality of HE in the EU and strengthen digitalisation and collaboration between educational institutions.

Ulysseus satellite projects are those where two or more partner universities of the Ulysseus alliance are involved. In the ENRICHER hubs project, three partners; Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Management Center Innsbruck, and University of Genoa are members of the Ulysseus European University, utilizing already existing network and co-working environments. Ulysseus satellite projects aim at reinforcing the complementarity of the education, R&I offer and core objectives of Ulysseus partnership, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Ulysseus and the international promotion of the activities undertaken.

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